Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starch Diabetes?

Glycemic-Load? "The Low-Starch Diabetes Solution" by Rob Thompson, MD. This is a must read for Type II Diabetics. I bought this book last Thursday as I was looking for a solution for my diabetes. Now, I've known all along that just plain losing weight would help. As I age, that becomes harder.

This last summer I was in an intense battle with highs and lows. I just couldn't figure out why. I'm active. I try to eat correct, or at least I thought I was. It just wasn't working. My glucose was like a yo-yo. My doctors, kept increasing my medications. At moments, that seemed to address my problem worse. One time I increased my insulin and my glucose went up for about 3 days straight. It was depressing. What should I do?

Back to the weight loss thing. What can I do to beat this? Well I decided to lower and maybe eliminate the whites in my diet, ie starches. Now before Dr. Thompson's book, I personally did not link this to starch. About 4 weeks ago my glucose was doing pretty good. Then came Taco John's lunch. 1 flour tortilla and up goes the glucose. This is starting to click some for me, but I need more information.

Next I stop at Barnes and Nobles, the selection process starts, man there's a lot of books to look at. What am I looking for? Back to the term Glycemic. I'm looking for information on Low Glycemic values in food. Finally, I pull this book by Dr. Thompson off of the shelve, leaf through it, notice some charts on low glycemic values. I'll get this one I thought and man am I glad I did.

Finally a book by a medical professional that I can understand! We're addicted to starch! Page 94 the Doctor states, "Starch provides no known benefit to humans other than supplying calories. In the amounts typical of the diets of modern humans, starch causes or aggravates several serious and frustrating medical conditions, and reducing starch prevents, improves, or cures those conditions."

Four days into eliminating starch and my glucose is doing lots better, with a average of 112.  More to follow after I complete my read.................

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