Sunday, July 20, 2014

Girls in my life!

Three girls in my life, Abby for 35 years, Becca for 34, and now Scout for almost 2 years. They're quite the 3-sum! A man could only wish for a 3-sum like this and I'm proud to say that they're in my life! Since Scout was born it's been traveling over the "pond" for visits. Twice now in Sweden and twice in Berlin. I could name some of the sights and locations we've taken in, but none of them are bigger than just spending time with this 3-sum.

Whether having coffee early in the morning with Scout or sitting outside with Becca, these are the moments that bring memories.

The time we spend together is great, but definitely not long enough, yet! For me this trip is over, I've come back to South Dakota and will go back to work tomorrow. The memories are stuck in my mind, and will be hard to get out of my head. I'll be plotting out in my head the next trip we'll be taking over the pond..counting the days...dreaming...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Entrance to Skansen.

No trip to Sweden would be complete without going to Skansen,  this  according to  me,  is the Greenfield Village of Sweden.(Sort of) The old Village gives you a taste of the past, the zoo is a wonderful walk about the animals of the region. It's a must see if you ever come this way.

Swedish Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes.
Also a must is a plate of Swedish Meatballs & Mashed potatoes, my trip almost complete with this one checked off the list. The Swedes, as most of Europe also enjoy a beer with lunch, usually 3.5%, so when in Rome..

Our walk around Skansen reflects back to 2012, our first trip to Sweden just after Scouts birth. The two pictures show a then picture of Scout and Becca, and one in 2014.

The bundle of joy in the left picture is starting to grow, yet Becca remains the same. Skansen is a great place to leisurely walk about, but with a little one along it's great to have the stroller with.
Becca & Scout at Skansen.

Our stay here has been in a Caravan(camper), about a 18' long, not much space, but it does bring a taste of years past, of the family fun days of Lake Pickerel. At the end of long days it's tubby time for Scout and Grabby doesn't let the warm water go by without a good foot soak.

3 girls resting!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friday BBQ

Ina on the right with Sister
Lotta, our BBQ host.
This past Friday we were invited to a BBQ at Becca's neighbor Maria's MorMor's(Grandmother) home, hosted by Maria's mother Ina. She did a marvelous job on the grille, cooking vegetables and the meat in  a timely manner. Like at home we had way too much food but it was delicious!

Of course in the typical BBQ fashion beer & wine was aplenty. Abby & I are at a great disadvantage that we do not speak Swedish, but everyone there was pleasant enough to speak English most of the time.
Abby, Maria, Becca, & Fredrik
The picture at the right is Abby & Becca with brother & sister Maria & Fredrik, daughter & son of Ina. We had a tremendous time in conversation with them. Maria is closing in on her law degree & Fredrik is chasing his dream as a football(soccer) player.

View from atop of Utö. 
Saturday, Grabby & Grandpapa took Scout to Utö, a island of the Stockholm Archipelago. My sailor friends would love this area! Unbelievable, the number of yacht's and large sailboats in this area.

Sunday is a relaxation day, there was also a threat of rain in the forecast, which we never got. Grabby, Scout, & Grandpapa went for morning walk in the "little forest" nearby and are now heading for the beach for an afternoon dip.
Grandpapa, Scout, & Grabby in
the "little forest".

Friday, July 11, 2014

July 2014 Relaxation with Scout!

Being picked up at Airport.
Our trip this Summer finds us in a camper parked next to Becca's & Jesper's home in Dalaro, Sweden for me this will be a two week trip until the 19th and for Abby it's until the 31st. Life is not always fair!

Oh well, weather so far has been great, most days start with a walk after breakfast with Pilar, a cup of coffee with Becca & Jesper, then down to the beach for a swim and sand castle building, the Baltic is chilly for us, Abby has yet to go all the way in!

Grabby, Scout, & Becca walking to the car.

We haven't been camping for years, but so far this has been fun! We have a little table out our door where we eat and spend time with Scout.

Scout's cup never got full,
imagine that.
This morning instead of going to the beach, we went blue berry picking.  Now for my Michigan friends, these berry's are upper MI berry's not Thumb Area berry's, takes a lot of them to make a cup.

Food in Sweden, like our last few trips to Europe, has been great for me. I wake up in the morning's with low blood sugar, blood pressure is going down, and I am sleeping better than I do at home. Not sure what it is, but life seems better over here for me. I keep telling Abby that we're moving over here if my numbers keep dropping like they do.

Scout & Becca offering a toast!

On her own.
Our little Scout is growing up quick! She likes the water, to splash in, she likes to pick up sticks when we're out walking, she such a pleasant girl, when we meet others and shake hands, she wants all of us to do it! She like to make toast when we're having a drink, even if it's just water. This trip she has expanded herself to going down the slide by herself. Growing up fast. A few English words are said, as with Swedish words, quite a mix going on with her.