Friday, July 11, 2014

July 2014 Relaxation with Scout!

Being picked up at Airport.
Our trip this Summer finds us in a camper parked next to Becca's & Jesper's home in Dalaro, Sweden for me this will be a two week trip until the 19th and for Abby it's until the 31st. Life is not always fair!

Oh well, weather so far has been great, most days start with a walk after breakfast with Pilar, a cup of coffee with Becca & Jesper, then down to the beach for a swim and sand castle building, the Baltic is chilly for us, Abby has yet to go all the way in!

Grabby, Scout, & Becca walking to the car.

We haven't been camping for years, but so far this has been fun! We have a little table out our door where we eat and spend time with Scout.

Scout's cup never got full,
imagine that.
This morning instead of going to the beach, we went blue berry picking.  Now for my Michigan friends, these berry's are upper MI berry's not Thumb Area berry's, takes a lot of them to make a cup.

Food in Sweden, like our last few trips to Europe, has been great for me. I wake up in the morning's with low blood sugar, blood pressure is going down, and I am sleeping better than I do at home. Not sure what it is, but life seems better over here for me. I keep telling Abby that we're moving over here if my numbers keep dropping like they do.

Scout & Becca offering a toast!

On her own.
Our little Scout is growing up quick! She likes the water, to splash in, she likes to pick up sticks when we're out walking, she such a pleasant girl, when we meet others and shake hands, she wants all of us to do it! She like to make toast when we're having a drink, even if it's just water. This trip she has expanded herself to going down the slide by herself. Growing up fast. A few English words are said, as with Swedish words, quite a mix going on with her.

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