Sunday, July 20, 2014

Girls in my life!

Three girls in my life, Abby for 35 years, Becca for 34, and now Scout for almost 2 years. They're quite the 3-sum! A man could only wish for a 3-sum like this and I'm proud to say that they're in my life! Since Scout was born it's been traveling over the "pond" for visits. Twice now in Sweden and twice in Berlin. I could name some of the sights and locations we've taken in, but none of them are bigger than just spending time with this 3-sum.

Whether having coffee early in the morning with Scout or sitting outside with Becca, these are the moments that bring memories.

The time we spend together is great, but definitely not long enough, yet! For me this trip is over, I've come back to South Dakota and will go back to work tomorrow. The memories are stuck in my mind, and will be hard to get out of my head. I'll be plotting out in my head the next trip we'll be taking over the pond..counting the days...dreaming...

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