Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friday BBQ

Ina on the right with Sister
Lotta, our BBQ host.
This past Friday we were invited to a BBQ at Becca's neighbor Maria's MorMor's(Grandmother) home, hosted by Maria's mother Ina. She did a marvelous job on the grille, cooking vegetables and the meat in  a timely manner. Like at home we had way too much food but it was delicious!

Of course in the typical BBQ fashion beer & wine was aplenty. Abby & I are at a great disadvantage that we do not speak Swedish, but everyone there was pleasant enough to speak English most of the time.
Abby, Maria, Becca, & Fredrik
The picture at the right is Abby & Becca with brother & sister Maria & Fredrik, daughter & son of Ina. We had a tremendous time in conversation with them. Maria is closing in on her law degree & Fredrik is chasing his dream as a football(soccer) player.

View from atop of Utö. 
Saturday, Grabby & Grandpapa took Scout to Utö, a island of the Stockholm Archipelago. My sailor friends would love this area! Unbelievable, the number of yacht's and large sailboats in this area.

Sunday is a relaxation day, there was also a threat of rain in the forecast, which we never got. Grabby, Scout, & Grandpapa went for morning walk in the "little forest" nearby and are now heading for the beach for an afternoon dip.
Grandpapa, Scout, & Grabby in
the "little forest".

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