Thursday, January 27, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days. Day 3.

Egg and Produce Lady
Horderves at the Villa
Sea Side of Sfinari Villa
This writing is actually the conclusion of Day 2 and the beginning of Day 3. Unfinished business, this is what our Villa looked like from the sea side of the proporty. This was a 3 bedroom Villa, 2 bedrooms on the main floor and the master suite on the 2nd level, winding steps made of concrete, lighted every other step took us upstairs, no handrails at all, I think their codes are different than ours. Also a light plate of horderves were set out for us by our guides, all of this food is produced locally, except for the beer. There is a language barrier, however Becca does a fairly good job in communication, with bits and pieces of the Greek language and also the international sign language. Lastly, our neighbor down the street, I'll call her the Egg & Produce Lady, provided us daily some of our breakfast needs. Eggs broke open and exposed a very rich yellow, fresh oranges & lemons were easily transformed into juice. These items were purchased in the morning from this lady. She told us she was alone, and had kin. Another main staple every morning was fresh Greek yogurt, which if ate by itself would be very sour. Our sweetener, local thyme honey! This honey, is a very rich, dark honey. It really took the sour out of the yogurt. If you'd like to try some, stop over sometime, we did bring some back with us. One last thing, the Villa had fresh herbs planted around it, mint, rosemary, thyme, and other. Abby enjoyed mint tea with her breakfast.

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