Friday, January 28, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days, Lunch in Afrata

Rabbit Stew
Cafe Kali Kardia
Sunday was a road trip to Afrata, Jesper and Becca befriended a family that ran a restaurant, and the only English speaking family member was the 15 year old son. The location is on the East coast of a peninsula of Kolpos Hania Bay. One thing about the small communities on Crete, it is not unusual to find 3 to 4 restaurants. The reason is that family's patronize these family spots. Today we had rabbit stew(taste just like chicken) and lamb chops. Momma made the stew in the kitchen, Papa made the chops in the wood stove outside on the deck. Uncle was passing the break around, but first toasting it at the fire place in the corner. Also Uncle was making sure we had the traditional drink with our meals, wine.
Toasting Homemade Wine.
Dry Docks.

As you might imagine, Crete being were it is, has a lot of boats, and me being partial to sail boats had to take a picture of these in dry dock. Doesn't that old big one on the right look like a good fixer upper? I think I could move right in.

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