Saturday, January 29, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days. Monday & Tuesday

Waves on the beach.
Crashing Seas!
The plans for the next two days depended on what the weather was going to do. We awoke to a overcast, windy Monday, so the plan was to head South to Paleohora. Prior to our rode trip we ate our usual breakfast, fresh juice, fresh yogurt, thyme honey, and fresh eggs. Oh yes, Abby had her fresh mint tea. After breakfast, some loose ends were worked on by Becca and Jesper, Abby and I took our usual walk down to the beach and took some photos of the wave action.

After our walk Becca and Jesper were ready to take off. Now the roads on Crete are interesting to say the least. If you don't like roads without center lines, with the occasional goat or sheep in your lane, with lots of switch backs, and drop offs without guardrails, well then you won't like the roads on Crete. Luckily, we were not in Crete during the tourism season, so the traffic was light.

Usual streets through the small villages.
Villages on Crete.
As we proceeded through the hills and valley's of Crete small villages like the one pictured here spot the hill sides. Many times these villages would have more than one cafe to stop in and eat. The buildings appear to have addition after addition added on them. At times it almost seemed like they would put on an addition on and abandon the old rooms. The architecture was extremely interesting to say the least.

Additions upon additions....

Abby and Becca on the beach.
Upon arrival in Paleohora we went directly to the beach. Wow, what a nice beach and with the wind out of the North, the waters were smooth, but still very chilly.


After the ride to Paleohora, we were all hungary so we walked to the business district to look for a place to eat. Pictured to the right was just what we were looking for and they had Gyro's. Now what is better than eating a Greek Gyro in Crete? Abby had the Gyro, I had a Gyro like sandwich but mine had sausage, which I found out later was veil and beef, very tasty it was. Of course, there was beer to be drank and after the meal the usual Raki. Only one employee in the shop and we requested that he have a shot of the Raki and he obliged. Our trip home brought us spectacular slights and great expectations of going to the Olive orchards tomorrow.
Rainbows over Crete.

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