Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days. Day 2 continued.

Once the luggage got carried in and placed into our bedroom, horderves were served along with homemade wine made by the owner of the villa, this was a reddish/brown in color wine and it was very good! After this we walked to the village, only about 1/2 mile to one of the local restaurants and along with what is pictured here we also had some lamb chops. The food was very good and those of us who wanted wine got it, those who wanted beer got that. Now for the fun part of Greek tradition, Raki! Raki is a post meal drink, that I would compare to our moonshine. The way I understand it, they use what is left over from the wine making process and then distill this into the Raki. When offered this it is a insult to refuse. So there was about 10 other patrons in there that night, and the bottle that they served us was big enough to share with the other patrons,  so, we took it around and toasted all of them. They were real receptive and appreciated our effort to observe their tradition. We got real good at this tradition as the week went forward. Upon completion of the nights festival, we made our way to our villa for a well needed rest.........
Tradition Greek Salad
Saturday Night's Restaurant

Saturday Night Fish

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