Monday, January 31, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days. The Milia Experience..

Have you ever thought about going up into the mountains just to get away from it all? There are places that will fill the bill and Milia is one of those places. May I suggest you check out their web site, of course after you read what I have to say about it.

Becca & Abby on top of the World
It's our last night on Crete, and we leave our glorious Villa's with good thoughts. We have one more time the flavor of local yogurt, fresh thyme honey, and fresh orange juice. We pack for our final destination on Crete, Milia, but before we get there we stop in Kampos for a light lunch with Amelia. Prior to lunch however, we climb to the top of local peak to take in the views, and what a beautiful day we have.

Amelia and Becca.
Amelia was quite the lady, and not a word of English did she know. Our stay there was for about 1 1/2 hours, she would bring fresh bread, tomatoes, cheese, olives, cucumbers, some meat(which she said was pork, but I'm thinking it was goat) and of course Raki. Again this Raki was produced right out her back door, it's the left overs from the wine making, distilled. Becca through what Greek she knew and good sign language communicated very well. Upon departure, we bought our 2 jugs of Raki and some sea salt from her. She gets the sea salt locally and all you need is just a pinch to flavor your food.

Narrow roads & switch backs.
Left Door Becca & Jesper's room,
Right Door Abby & John's room.
Off to Milia now, narrow roads, switch backs takes us to the eventual gravel road taking us "up" to Milia. Upon arrival the first thing you think is where's Milia? From the parking lot, it's about 1/8 of mile walk to the settlement. So we all grab a bag and start our hike. There are 13 units for lodging in Milia, and the central lodge which is used for meals, meetings, and buying product that they produce locally. Preserves, wine, soaps, olives, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, etc. This soap is made out of olive oil, and it comes in various scents.

Getting away from it all is exactly what you're getting in Milia. The rooms have limited lights, and a fire place for heat. They do have modern bathrooms and running water.

Supper that night was excellant! A variety of horderves were offered, I had sausage, Jesper had lentil soap, Becca had a cabbage salad and Abby had a Greek salad. For supper Jesper went with the vegetarian dish and the rest of us had the goat prepared with garlic and fennel. Now, before you get squemish about the goat, we will all swear that it was very good! I would order it again! Of course, we had wine and beer and of course Raki.

Milia from across the valley.
Mornings breakfast came with our rooms. Tea, coffee, fresh yogurt & juice, honey, russian tea biscuit, other pastries, fresh orange marmalade.

The photo on the left is Milia from across the valley. The main lodge is on the left with the guest rooms on the right.

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