Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goodbye's are always hard

Grabby getting goodbye hug
from Scout.
We have ended our trip to Berlin and this morning we sit in Minneapolis, MN and reflect on our trip. We are truly blessed for a couple of reasons. We have such a wonderful family, that we do love to spend time with. That we can afford to make these trips.

Grandpapa and Scout saying goodbye.
Becca has been able to get us to some great touring sites. Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, Crete, Spain, Estonia, and now Germany. We have always enjoyed our trips, look forward to more of them, and I hope that all of you that read my blogs enjoy me sharing our family's time together.
Abby, Scout, Becca, & John
one last photo at the Airport.

 Two weeks of vacation goes by quickly. In those two weeks we were blessed to see our lil flicka Scout grow so much! Rolling over, crawling, gaining more attention to her surroundings. Getting to know Grabby and Grandpapa, coming out in the morning with a great smile. All of this brings the two of us to want more. The distant between us hurts, the memories heel.

Life is great! We know that we are not the only grandparents that have their families away from them. Whether it's one or thousands of miles, the urning to hug, kiss, watch, the growth of the next generation grow and mature, will always be with us.

Until our next meeting we'll cherish our last. God Bless our family, and all of yours.

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