Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 11-Berlin

As I wake and turn on my lap top, I find a ruthless act of terrorism occurs in Boston. I pray for all of the people affected by this act. I pray for all mankind.

We tour the city of Berlin, a city that has been here for more than 750 years. A city that was more than 70% destroyed in WWII. A city that was divided for around 29 years during the cold war.

Remains of the wall now a
Becca told us a story of a co-worker, friend, that grew up in East Berlin. She was about 9 years old when the wall came down. She told Becca that the government gave them some West Berlin money so that when they crossed for the first time from East to West, they could buy something. Her memory was yogurt. In the East they had yogurt, one flavor fits all! In the West, there was flavors, a rainbow of flavors.

Yesterday, it was around 70*F in Berlin. A wonderful, coming out type of a day! There were thousands of people milling about the city. On the side walks, in the parks, all taking in the warmth of the sun.

Check point Charlie.
More East side gallery art.
More East side gallery art.
All of this glory, and yet when you tour a great city like Berlin, the reminders are there.

Next to check point charlie now is a McDonald's, Becca said it best, the West has won.
Becca & Scout at our lunch stop.

 We get off our bus to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. We're in the Western part of Berlin, Charlottenburg, we find a brewhouse and partake in local German cuisine. I love the German sausage that is available, goes great with the beer and kraut.

Our bus tour is available for 2 days on the tickets we bought. So Abby & I will go back to a couple of the spots for closer inspection. Specifically, we are going back to a antique area and Check Point Charlie.
The TV Tower, tallest building in Berlin.

Daughter & Mother.
We were going to go up in the TV Tower last night, but wouldn't you know it, of all days, it was closed for maintenance on 4/15/2013.
Grandpapa & Scout on the bus.

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