Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 5-Berlin

Abby next to the Berlin Wall.
Abby & I walked to the Berlin Wall or what's left of it, which is the history. Relics of the wall still stand, and iron pipes are set in the ground to give the appearance
Relics of the wall.
of the wall. As you walk along in the DMZ, you read about the history of the wall. Least we forget that this not only divided a city, but a country as well! Thousand escaped the east, 136 tried and died.

As we walk about the city center, we find many shops, bakery's, clothing, shoes, bicycle, markets, restaurants, bars, and the list goes on. Great cathedral's and synagogue's are around us. The bells ring daily.
Lunch pleasures! 
 Breaks for latte's and muffins are easily to take as we walk through the streets. Stops for lunch, never going back to the same location twice, but always duplicating our beer at lunch. The Europeans have that down!

This evening, we're tired so Abby and Becca prepared our evening meal, we watch a movie, and play with our lil flicka, Scout.
Our lil flicka, Scout!

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