Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 7-Berlin

Spicy or Mild they were both
Becca & Jesper's favorite Pizza
A little rain, cloudy skies, then the sun pops out, the temperature has been very nice, around 50* to 55* F. Our walking helps us offset the wonderful food that is available around us. Thai, Indian, Spanish, Italian, of course German, the choices are many, the flavors are bountiful.

The Spanish Restaurant "Tauro".
 The wine and beer are always so complimentary of the food. 

Today we look forward to riding the tram and expanding our tour of Berlin. On the way to the tram we'll walk through a Saturday market. The population of Berlin is over 3.5 million and over 80% of these people live in apartments. As we walk about, there'll be blocks with just apartment buildings, then some with stores on the first floor or even in the basements. All types of shops, makes you wonder how they survive. We haven't seen any large box stores, yet. 

Getting back to the market. The vendors offer many items from fruits, meats, cheese, clothing, olive oil and olives, wines, and the list go on and on!

Lot's of people walk, there's lots of cars, lots of bikes. The ladies push strollers, dogs are being walked.
The journey continues....
Of course Grabby & Scout enjoying each other!

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