Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Adventure to San Francisco

Recovery for John
Our adventure is off to San Francisco this summer to meet up with Becca, Jesper, Scout, & Bunny! However, a lot has happen to us prior to our trip. January 18th, 2016 was my last day at work and on January 19th, 2016 I went through hip replacement. All is well with me now, after a short time of disability, then vacation run off, my official company event date for retirement was May 17th, 2016! Hooray for retirement!

Recovery for Abby
Three months after my surgery, to the date, Abby went in for a total knee replacement. I have to say the knee recovery seemed a little more involved than the hip replacement. She went through PT and is now moving very well!

All patched up, and ready to roll, we head west on June 18th, 2016. A three day road trip of about 600 miles per day we arrive at our destination in San Geronimo, CA at our Air BnB rental. This is a nice country side home, three bedroom, two & a half bath home. We have seen deer in the back yard, wild turkey's in the fields to this home, surrounded by lovely pine trees.

We arrived two days prior to Becca's family getting here. On Wednesday, the 22nd of June we drive to San Francisco International to pick up our family. We parked in the short term parking, walk into the terminal, check the board, and we find no flight coming into San Fran this day. Abby rechecks the itinerary sent from Becca, and low and behold, they're flying into Oakland-San Francisco International, so a 40 mile more drive, through terrible rush hour traffic, we arrive in Oakland to pick up our family.

Flight on time, our family arrives, we load up their luggage and head to our home... more to follow..
Scout and Bunny with Gamma

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