Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 2.1 Adventure to San Francisco

Our adventure continues on the West coast. Last Wednesday as we were going into the airport to pick up the kids, we noticed the change in the temp, when we left the valley it was 75*F, and once into San Francisco it had dropped to 60*F, we have to remember to pack a hoodie in the vehicle!

Saturday at the Pacific
Jet lagged basically over, sleep schedules close to being back to normal, allows a trip to the beach. Jesper having grown up near the sea, seeks the sea for relaxation.

It's chilly when we first get there, but warms up quickly. It's low tide so some exploration takes place by all. Crabs are seen, and beach discovery is taken in. A pleasant experience and relaxation unfolds.
Exploring by Abby and Jesper

Finding things to do out here are not hard. Taking the girls to the play grounds, walks through the forest are close by and often enjoyed!

Scout has acquired a passion for horse, so Gamma and Gump take her to a ranch for a pony ride. We are lacking nothing to keep us entertained. Coming up, 2.2......
Scout on Danny

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