Sunday, July 19, 2015

#4 Skansen, Mariefred, & more

Abby & Scout outside Skansen.
Since my last post it seems like we've been just on the go! We don't have a personal vehicle so we rely mostly on public transportation. Becca has been a great source of information on how to get around but we do run into some challenging moments!

Since Helsinki we've made trips to Skansen & Mariefred. We've traveled by subway, rail, ferry, steam train, & steam boat!

Swedish Meatballs w/lingonberry's
Going to Skansen has been one of our favorite activities with Scout & Becca. Becca couldn't make this time, so a return trip will be made this coming week. Skansen shows us Sweden life of yesteryear and shares the animals of Sweden. Of course there is also a cafe we like getting our favorite Swedish dish, meatballs & potatoes, with lingonberry on the side.

Speaking of food takes us to a two day event at Mariefred, the Nordic Food Truck festival was held Friday & Saturday!

Merry go round with Grabby.
Steamboat to Mariefred!
This small town is west of Stockholm, about an hour by train or car. We took a Steamboat, which took us about 3 hours. This particular boat has been steaming for over a 100 years now. Of course there is food to be bought on board and they also have a dining room that the serve noon lunch and evening dinner.

Mariefred, a small village with a population of 3750, has started the street vender festival last year. I think there was around 23 venders serving all types of food from wraps, grilled burgers, with all types of different flavors from Cuban, Jamaican, to local taste. This festival probably doubled the size of this little village to maybe triple. All was having a blast and the venders truly looked exhausted by the end of the day.

Stallgarden B&B where we stayed Friday night.
So, steam boating out to Mariefred, to Steam Training for maybe 5 km, to the over country rail that probably runs at 100-120 km/hour. All we had to do is sit back and relax...
Abby and Scout on the Steam Train.

Swedish barn, note the traditional red paint.
Gripsholm Castle.

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