Friday, July 10, 2015

#2nd Post from Sweden 2015

Right place at the right time.
Sometimes on trips things come up that you just can't pass up. Paul McCartney just happened to be in Stockholm at the same time we are. The arena he played in just happened to be no more that 15 minute walk from us. There were seats available, at a good price, up in the nose bleed section, but with jumbotron's, the seats were great! Now, I'm not a music critic by any means, but over all the concert was good in my book(concerts to me are either good or bad). The Beatle's stuff was good, his new music was not real recognizable to me, but it looked like Sir Paul was having fun performing it.

Morning Love.
Morning's in the Park
Daily routine's for us is getting up, not at the crack of dawn, because in all reality at this time of year in Stockholm it doesn't get totally dark. Morning hugs are ever so special and now they're double the pleasure with Scout & Bunny!

After all has had breakfast's have been served,  off to the park we go. Scout loves going to the park and if there are other kids she warms right up with them to play. This is good stuff to see from Gramps prospective!

The most important part of our trips of course is the family time we get. The moments in the parks, the walks, the sit down dinners. Walking the neighborhoods, finding new parks to play, new routes to walk, small shopping areas to explore. Old world remains old, neighborhoods still have small shops. For instance, from where we are staying now, within a 1/2 mile walk we have at least two bakery's, two markets, and numerous restaurants. Near hear are thai, sushi, pizza, and more.

Side trips to come, a ferry trip to Helsinki, a steam boat trip to a small village in the Stockholm Archipelago...
Becca, Scout, and Bunny in the morning!

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