Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29th, 2012, "Returning Home"

Great Stockholm coast line
from Estonial Ferry.
     Getting home is always nice, especially after a 3 week trip like we just completed. However, our hearts are heavy, because we miss our Granddaughter very much! God, I wish we were closer.
     With that said, we returned to Stockholm last Tuesday morning from our trip to Estonia. We had a great time, had great food, great sights, and as always great company!
Abby, Becca, Scout, & Ann
in Stockholm.
     Upon our return, Becca, Scout, Abby, & myself stay in Stockholm and Jesper heads back to Dalaro. We're going to meet with Ann Malmberg for lunch, then hang out with her for the afternoon. We meet at the Swedish Museum of the Arts and have a great lunch. After lunch we walk, maybe 800 meters to the Royal Palace to take a tour. The history lesson is always good and the palace, well you know is a palace! No photos allowed inside.
     After our tour, Ann & Abby head off for some girl time alone, getting to know each other better. Abby tells me, they had a great time, having coffee and cake, walking around "old town" and just plain chatting. Becca, Scout and myself head off to do some last minute shopping and Jesper with Pillar pick us up and we head home to Dalaro.
Scout, Becca, Great Grandfather Ulf,
& Jesper.
     The last days of our visit to Sweden is wind down time and packing time for our trip home. Again we would like to thank Jesper's aunt Eva and uncle Clause for their hospitality in letting us stay at their summer home. It was great!
     On Thursday, Jesper's grandfather comes out for lunch and family time. Grandfather Ulf is quite the charmer, as he enters the cottage, Abby is sitting with Scout and Ulf says to Becca, "This is your sister?" We have a simple lunch that Jesper prepares, potato and brat's, served with some very good Estonian mustard Jesper brought back.
Goodbyes are always hard,
Becca, Scout, & Abby at
Stockholm airport.

 Friday morning comes before we know it. Up at 4 am, to make our 1 1/2 hour trip to the airport. Leaving is never easy for us, whether if it is Becca leaving the states or as it was yesterday, us leaving for the first time Sweden. This time was no different, in fact worse, as we're leaving Becca, Jesper, and now Scout. Tears flow, hugs & kisses and off we go. We can't wait for our next visit!

Going Home.

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