Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17th, 2012

     This last weekend took us to the Trosa, Sweden area, a small, bayside village on the Baltic. Jesper's grandfather Malmberg has a summer home on a small fresh water lake. They allow no motorized watercraft on this lake, as it is their fresh water source. This weekend was a working vacation, helping Jesper complete some projects for his grandparents.
Jesper's grandparents summer home.
     The summer home is a modest place, two bedrooms, which are very small, they waste no space for just sleeping. You'll also see that most summer homes will have multiple building on the site. Here there is a little cabin, which Jesper, Becca, Scout, & Pillar slept. This was also one of the projects we undertook this weekend, painting the cottage.
Catching Abby at her best!
     It is very peaceful here, hearing only an occasional airplane fly over. We're about 2 miles in from the highway. Faint sounds of the highway could be heard on a still night. The sky is big, the big dipper we see from a different angle than we're accustom too.
     Daily walks are a ritual, not a lot of wildlife to see, however a solo set of moose tracks was spotted the other day. I want to see this critter, it's stride is one step to two of mine. It must be hugh.
Becca, Scout, & Jesper in Trosa.
     The village of Trosa, population around 5,000+, but that doesn't matter, is a Baltic Sea port village. No neon signs flashing above the small shops. Clerks are egger to serve you. They gladly speak English if you ask them. A yarn shop was a first stop for us, the proprietor was friendly, ready to explain her product, her craft, as she made a lot of the items in the quaint shop, a pair of wool mittens and felt slippers purchased, and we continue down the street. Sporting goods, soft goods, mens and ladies apparel, ice cream and chocolates are to be found. Ah, chocolate, a must stop, mostly hand made in the kitchen above the shop. These small shops take you back to simpler times in life. My father's business, Teale's cafe, Zorn's grocery store, Five & Dime stores, May's hardware, the Polewach store. Some of you reading this remember them all. One of the ice cream shops offered 24 flavors, they have a way to go to catch Moore's!
Scout content after supper!
Scout, Abby, & Becca
at Fina Fisken.
     Sunday night supper takes us to Fina Fisken, a lovely restaurant, channel side, finds Abby, Becca, Scout and I dining, Jesper is fighting a cold and felt like staying home and nursing it. Rye crisp, bread, and salted butter always comes to the table. Beer or wine, your choice will be served. Choose a starter if like, tonight we choose a shrimp over toast, topped with roe, and a sprig of dill. We should of stopped there but we continued onto the entree, Abby had smoked cod, baby potato, waxed been in a white sauce. Becca and I went for the herring, marinated in mustard then fried, mashed potato's, and lingon berry. This was my second meal served with lingon berry's, remember my meatballs.

     We finish up our stay at the lake tomorrow, then back to Dalaro until Thursday, Abby and I plan on going to Stockholm early for a tour of the city, then we start our cruise to Estonia at 5 PM Thursday night for a long weekend, more to follow........

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