Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/3/12 One week down

Our first week is complete, and we're sleeping in this morning. Not much planned for the day. Maybe some returns to the spots we liked. Maybe a trip to a Mexican restaurant we got a tip on.

Here's Abby in the cavern we toured. We ended up going down 185'. Like previous caverns we went into we thought this would be chilly. It wasn't, it was very warm and humid!

Our dinner on Thursday night was to the towers of Americas. aka the space needle of San Antonio. The view was wonderful! The food was great! Abby had the snapper and I had Ahi, seared just right, the wasabi could have had a better kick!

Friday was up to Fredericksburg.  A nice drive through the hill country. Fredericksburg is larger than we thought, about 10,000. The stores were wonderful, not a lot of repeats stuff like a lot of tourist areas. Lots of high end merchandise. We had lunch at a German restaurant German beer, german hotdogs and pastrami, white bean soup, & german potato salad. Very nicely done. We didn't tour the Museum of the Pacific War, didn't have time, but talked to a gentleman from, hard to believe, Watertown, MN, and he said this was one of the best museums he's seen. A return trip is in the works and next time we'll lodge there, take in the museum, and get on a wine tasting tour bus.

We stopped at two winery's on our way back. I think two is all Abby could handle! haha. Tasted some very good wine, bought a couple bottles to take home.

We'll finish today in San Antonio, pack up and will be heading off to see our friends Larry & Mary tomorrow.

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