Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall time and family.

Well, yet another fall is upon us, so far so good with the weather and all.

Late summer brought us a trip to visit our youngest Josh, golf, good food and all. These made the trip, a treat for Josh since he can't get these every week.

Talking of ribs, I got a new grill this last summer, it's a wood pellet grill. If you like smoked food, check these out. I absolutely love it.

After, visiting Josh, we headed home and stopped in Madison, WI. 9 holes of golf, lunch with Buck and Deb at a A&W, and sight seeing in Madison. We had a wonderful evening with Doug and Karen Wahl, drinks in their beautiful backyard and then supper a local brew pub.

All in all we're very blessed, we have good friends, a roof over our head, and a few toys to play with. One of my favorite toys is my 08 Kawasaki Nomad, I just had her face lifted.

Pretty soon I'll have to park it for the winter, the leaves are mostly off of the trees now, the docks and boat lifts are out of the lakes, the geese are flying south, the hummingbirds have left, the air conditioner has been covered, my brother texted me today saying there was 6" of snow in his drive way, lucky him, I've started my winter beard, been out deer hunting a couple of times. These are the signs that winter will soon be upon us. I miss summer already. I'll be getting my cross country ski's out soon.

Until next you all.

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  1. You should blog more often, dad. It's nice to read your thoughts about the changing of seasons! xx love you