Thursday, October 27, 2011

Archery Hunting

Fall for me is archery hunting, this little 3x4 I let go tonight, this was only my 3rd time out this year. I'm looking for the big guy. As I sat in my stand, at least 16' up, this guy came within 13 yards of me. He grazed, moved in front of me and I let him go.

Why do I hunt deer? It's tradition for me, and memory's. I hunted deer 1 year with my grandfather. I shot my first deer with his gun, a 30-30 Marlin lever action, I still own that gun. I hunted deer with my father. I remember as a boy that he would go up north to the hunting camp every November for the opener on the 15th of the month. He finally talked mom into taking me with, when I was I think 13. The next year I went and I could hunt. I hunted deer with dad for 10 years.(Actually more, as every time I go out I think of him and he is with me.) Now I hunt mostly alone, sometimes though, I get a license with my boys, I saw both of them get their first deer. Also, I was with my wife Abby when she shot her first deer. She no longer hunts, we don't need more than 1 deer a year. I keep saying, I don't care if I shot another deer, but when they come close to me, the blood starts flowing and I get excited, and I'll try to take it. It's my heritage.

As I sat in my tree stand tonight, the call of the crow could be heard, the splash of the carp, a slow moving muskrat went in front of me, also a mink, the wings of a hawk was heard, a doe and a fawn walked by, geese honked nearby, the wheels of the 18 wheeled grain trucks could be heard in the distance, the whining of the grain bins. These are the reasons I really enjoy my hunting.

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