Friday, February 7, 2014

Ben & Julie Arrival in San Francisco.

Julie, Ben, & Becca back together again.
Adventure is what we do. Abby, Scout, & I venture out to San Francisco Airport to pick up Ben & Julie. We jump on the J muni and ride to end of line, switch over to the BART line, and one transfer later arrive at SFO. We connect with the kids pretty easy, reverse our route back to our Air BnB rental and after almost 2 years the kids reconnect with Becca. She has pizza waiting for our supper.
Muir Woods

Julie & Scout
Scout is fast to sleep upon their arrival, Abby carries her in the sling. Scout awakes and finally meets her aunt and uncle, warming up to them very fast.

Ben & Scout

Thursday we take a tour to Muir Woods, ageless Redwoods just North of San Francisco, we load unto the tour bus, only our family and 2 others, it's like a private tour, over the Golden Gate we ride. It's a little misty out, but the 1 hour 15 walk about in the woods is majestic. The smells of wet forest is awesome, the hugh burls on some of the trees are spectacular. I would love getting one of them to turn on the lathe.
Becca, Scout, Steven, & Jayme

We arrive back into San Francisco in time for supper with our old friend's Ron & Blanche Deren's son Steven and his fiance Jayme. Wow, such an handsome couple they are, and great conversation we had. 

Steven & Jayme has set their date for October 11th, 2014 for a wedding on Maui. I hope for the best for them, I did offer some advice to Steven, I told him to remember, "a happy wife, makes a happy life."

Our vacation days are winding down, today we're heading out to the "The Rock", hopefully missing the forecasted rain, but it doesn't look good at 100% chances.

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