Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Europe in 10 1/2 Days. Midnight cruise and Barcelona

Ship's cabin.
The photo to the left shows our cabin for the night. Four bunks, bathroom, and enough room for our luggage. While on board we did go to the main dining room for a late supper. We kept it light, and of course we concluded the meal with Raki. I was also surprised with a birthday cake as this day was my 57th birthday. We got back to the cabin around 11:30pm, we were due into Athens by 7am. The ship was lightly rocking as we headed out to sea, just enough that it rocked me to sleep and I had one of my best night of sleep since on the trip.

Arriving to Athens on time, we disembarked, found the bus going to the airport, and in about 1 hour arrived for our flight to Barcelona, Spain. After a light breakfast, we stuck with the yogurt and honey, juice, we boarded our flight and 3 hours later we're landing in Barcelona. A very modern airport. Another nice item was that because we're within the European Union, there is no need to go through customs.

Unloading in central Barcelona.
We get our luggage and head to the bus for a 30 minute ride to central Barcelona. Now we're going to the see a big difference from rural Crete to metropolitan Barcelona. The first thing I notice is the number of people. As you can see in the back ground, although light at this time, that this is a city and there is lots of people. Not only people, but vehicles. Now I thought Tokyo had lots of motorcycles and mopeds, but I think Barcelona is right up with them!

Central Barcelona.

Barcelona is an old city which is obvious by the lovely architecture. Our stay in Barcelona is going to be a short stay, about 1 1/2 days and 2 nights. So on Friday night we elect to do some walking. We're viewing the shops, harbor, architecture and it's all very beautiful. One of the things we're looking for this night is that a lot of the bars serve topas. Topas are small portions of food. From bar to bar this becomes a big variety of food. There is also lots of people doing the same thing as we are. We find out that Barcelona is no different than any other large city in the world, it's a 24 hour city.

Shops of all kinds.
Great Architecture!
As we walk there is lots to see.
Beautiful Harbour!

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